Business Against AIDS Exhibition

Business action against Aids is a national exhibition in collaboration with regional and national partners and stakeholders.
This initiative asks corporate from all over SA to pledge their leadership and resources to help stop HIV/AIDS. The nationwide exhibition intensifies the partnership for a stronger response to HIV/AIDS and showcase business response to the pandemic.

The Macro-Economic Impact

9 out of 10 people living with HIV are adults in their most productive years HIV/AIDs takes a direct toll on markets,
investments, services and education.
• HIV/AIDS has a direct impact on companies’ profitability. The economic effects are observed in greater absenteeism and staff turnover, higher recruitment and training costs, and higher costs in medical care or insurance coverage, • HIV/AIDS not only affects the health of workers, it also takes a toll on their savings, the resources of their families, and their productivity. Its key for businesses taking bold action now!

Who We Are..

Our purpose is to build a multi-dimensional economic framework for reducing poverty, improve service delivery and good governance along with redemptive freedom through CSI approaches.

CSI Congress is an invaluable partner. Their team has collaborated with us to support our business.

Donald Simpson
Chairman, Bluewater Corp

The Economic Impact

  • HIV poses a serious threat to profitability and competitiveness.
  • Loss of labour and productivity
  • Loss of skilled manpower\
  • Disruption of production
  • Low performance

Business Benefits

  • ROI
  • Tax Exempted donations and sponsorships
  • Free Wellness Programmes and HCT
    services provided by NGO`s
  • -Safe guard your employees.
  • Build trust amongst stakeholders, clients
    and communities

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